Monday, September 26, 2022

About Us

The Valley Times and The Fresno Times are full standard size community newspapers with a “Conservative Editorial Viewpoint”.

Serving: Fresno, Madera, Merced and Los Banos.

We deliver local and national news

that engages the reader and provokes a constructive response. Right is right, and wrong is wrong; and we won’t confuse the difference between them. We are committed to straight stories on issues including housing, education, healthcare, jobs, crime, gun control, civil rights, immigration, and safety and much more. Our passion for balance also includes the everyday pursuits of
entertainment, sports and just telling an interesting story now and then.

Good journalism is disappearing from the main stream media in America

and a lot of us want it back. The standard has always been to tell “both sides of the story.” It would be a waste of time to point out all that is wrong with today’s newspapers. The most dangerous however, is they by design fail to report the other side of the story. A newspaper is not supposed to take sides; it is supposed to just report the facts. We make every effort to just tell the facts. YOU CAN DEPEND ON IT!

We offer our readers an interactive experience online and in print.

No more one‐way communication or interactivity; for too long the mass media has imposed a hierarchical structure of; “don’t talk back” format on their audience. It’s no wonder people easily become passive consumers of mass media’s manipulated, or at least commercialized, content.

We invite people to be involved in a number of ways: online forums, letters to the Editor, submit articles, report what is going on in their community, and a wide-range of options. We have formed what we call citizen reporters; and we call them Newshawks. Anyone can be a Newshawk, just go online and sign-up. We are looking for articles, stories, columns, commentary, and all of the eyes and ears we can find. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome and will be listened to.

In order to provide this level of quality in a reliable newspaper, both in print and online, we need your support. There are several ways you can give us that support: by taking a subscription, following us online, or advertising with a display or classified ad.

The one thing that everyone can do is to spread the word about The Valley times and The Fresno Times. Let your family and friends know about us and if you like what you see, put in a good word for us. We think this kind of effort will help us succeed in turning back the tide of fake news that is doing so much damage to our lives and our loved ones. We will do everything we possibly can to earn your trust and your support.

Welcome Back!

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